Huracan Harvey TX-

August 31st, 17

If you are thinking to help TEXAS with money please make sure to double check for the organizations, every time that a catastrophe arises, there are the Scammers ready to deceive the people’s good intentions.

PHISHING FRAUD is one of the most commons scams after a catastrophe, criminals take the opportunity to steal money by creating false charity organizations and fake websites.

The term PHISHING is because criminals are dangling a fake “lure” by using emails, phone call, websites, and regular mail. The message and the organization requesting the donation, contribution looks legitimate; and honest people willing to help to provide their information as credit card number, passwords etc., without knowing that they are just being defrauded.

Clues indicating that the organization or solicitor is a fraud:

  1. The email is not addressed to the recipient, the email doesn’t belong to an organization.
  2. Grammatical errors by as much as just 1 letter
  3. Real Organization’s website always ended as .org
  4. The bank account must be under the organizations name


Please double check first for the spelling of the organization’s name since scammers tend to change just one or two letters to make the organization appear as the real one, make sure of the conduct a research first to verify the legitimacy of the organization, never provide cash, always mail your check to the organization main address, always write your check payable to the organizations name.

There are organizations as The Better Business Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission, The Federal Department of State that will help you to verify the legitimacy of the organization before you send your money.


Albalucia Foley. CFA

MS Forensic Accountant

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